Mediterranean Decorating Style

If you love the vibrant colors of Mediterranean style, in decorating your house in a Mediterranean style, born in countries bordering the Mediterranean, particularly Greece, Italy and Spain. The eye only the Mediterranean can be reached easily by following a few simple principles. By choosing the right colors, materials, furniture, accessories and other design elements, you can decorate your home with the warmth of the decor attractive Mediterranean.

Traditional Architecture on Santorini, Greece

Traditional Architecture on Santorini, Greece Photographic Print
Su, Keren
24 in. x 18 in.
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Color Scheme

The authors looked at the Mediterranean-style landscape around them for the color scheme. Sky blue, sea green, sunny yellow, terra cotta and lavender are frequently employed in achieving this look. Lovers of Mediterranean appearance were not afraid to start painting rich in color on the walls and bring out the nuances even in cushions and other accessories.


Mediterranean furniture is beautiful, with striking details like finely carved legs and arms. The furnishings are covered with fabrics in the colors above and tends to be at ground level. The furniture is often made of wood or wrought iron.


Attention to detail is essential when creating Mediterranean interiors, and the right accessories can really make this look. In addition to painting on the walls, colorful woven tapestries are very popular in Mediterranean decor. Great decorative vases and urns can be used on a mantel or in a corner of the room. In the spirit to the outside in, plants are frequently used in Mediterranean style rooms. A row of herbs in terracotta pots on a sunny kitchen windowsill, a potted tree hidden in the corner of life and a vase of colorful flowers in the lobby are a few examples.


There are several materials that are commonly used to achieve a Mediterranean decor, including tile, terracotta and wrought iron. Mediterranean style are known for their use of decorative tiles and tile mosaics, which adds an element of great design to a room. You can get this effect with your tile, or the kitchen countertops and backsplashes. Clay can be used in pots and planters, wrought-iron candlesticks any and table legs are frequently encountered in Mediterranean style homes.

Textured Walls

In addition to color, furniture, equipment and accessories, Texture is an important aspect of achieving the Mediterranean. Mediterranean-style boasting of old plaster walls textured the suspicion of a long and rich history. If you do not have the old walls, do not worry. There are several products on the market to help achieve the desired effect, such as joint compound and sand painting.

Flamenco II

Flamenco II Framed Art Print
Gallo, Carlo
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Candles Lit for an Offering, Volterra, Italy

Candles Lit for an Offering, Volterra, Italy Photographic Print
Slaven, Barry
18 in. x 24 in.
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